Marnelo’s commitment and obsession about quality is a value not only shared and cherished by our craftsmen but also by our management and every single person in our organization. We do not compromise on quality or on our ethics no matter what the price is. We are happy to leave the remaining to the others. This is why the quality of our tech accessories is unmatched anywhere in the world.


Marnelo leathers are all genuine leathers, carefully selected from prestigious tanneries supplying leading luxury brands. They are of exceptional quality and reliability. Their natural pattern makes every Marnelo item unique.

With 25 colours, Marnelo offers one of the largest choice of leathers on the market, allowing thousands of combinations.

Alligator Skins Blue Marnelo Paris

Genuine Alligator Leather

The king of exotic leathers, a symbol of prestige, characterized by the unique pattern and size of its scales. The scientific name of the species used is Alligator Mississippiensis.

Genuine Calfskin Leather

Easy to match with any style, grained calfskin represents timeless elegance. In addition, the inside of all Marnelo cases is made of smooth calfskin.

Claf Skins Blue Marnelo Paris
Ostrich Skins Blue Marnelo Paris

Genuine Ostrich Leather

Distinctive for its pattern of bumps or vacant quill follicles. Ostrich skin is the quintessence of luxury and eccentricity.

Genuine Python Leather

Unconventional, soft and flexible, it embodies power and self-confidence. The scientific names of the species used are Python Reticulatus and Python Molurus.

Python Skins Blue Marnelo Paris


Precious metals are used as the ultimate stage of customization, elevating Marnelo accessories to the status of jewelry. They are available in steel 316 which can be plated in yellow gold, rose gold or black. Marnelo custom devices are even more exclusive with their finishes in dark ruthenium or 18-karat gold, with or without diamond setting.


Multilayer carbon fibers

Carbon fibers are eye-catching and reliable material, capable to withstand the harshest conditions. Marnelo custom carbon items are made of multilayer carbon fibers, obtained through hand lay-up process and machined in Marnelo’s atelier. Depending on the customization, they are manually polished to a shiny finish or sanded to a matte finish, giving the surface a unique look and feel.

Fiber Carbon Marnelo Paris
Fiber Carbon Blue Marnelo Paris

Materials Genuine Leather Alligator Ostrich Python Calf Fiber Carbon Gold Diamond