Jan 24, 2022 domenico Surace

Styling your leather phone cases and accessories

How to upgrade your wardrobe with Marnelo’s leather cases and watch bands? 

Mastering the art of incorporating leather into your clothing style is not given to everyone. Sometimes it requires a touch of audacity, bursts of self-confidence and above all a balanced taste for materials and textures. Leather shoes are accessories that easily create harmonies and do not contrast with the other patterns of your clothes. But what about a leather iPhone case or a leather Apple Watch bracelet?

How to benefit from the myriad possibilities of leather accessories?

Never underestimate the power of accessories. This is certainly one of the fundamental lessons to remember to give your wardrobe the strength, wonder and magnificence it deserves.

 Creating a full look that reflects your image and allows your creativity to shine through is an art that can be achieved through the use of accessories.

Accessories offer a myriad of possibilities. They can transform the narrative, tell a new story, breathe new life into an experience. Giving a finishing touch to an appearance, like making it unfold and blossom. By experimenting with textures and materials, leather accessories such as iPhone cases can both contrast with and blend perfectly with an outfit.

But it will always be essential to think about harmony, leather accessories should always be complementary to the attire and the personality.

Leather has an unparalleled virtue, in addition to being timeless, it is iconic. This material travels with ease and grace through the ages and around the world. This is especially true as leather accessories can thrive and flourish through all seasons. Freedom, leather has it in abundance. Every period of your life can be accompanied by leather accessories. Without it ever feeling old-fashioned or out of place with your personality.

Playing with colours, exploring your wardrobe

But the best way to preserve your luxury phone case from scratches is to apply a certain number of tips and tricks on the daily to avoid scuffing and scratching the leather or getting it wet and wobbly.

Firstly, it is crucial to protect your leather phone cover from heavy hits, scratches, and that means avoiding contact with heavily embellished clothes, with a lot of zippers for example, sharp areas and surfaces, or big pieces of jewellery.

Common sense dictates that if it is going to rain, you should be ready to protect your case, as wet leather requires extra care.A simple list of do’s and don’t

The colours are probably the most striking element for those around you and for those who observe your attire. Sometimes a strong sense of unity is sought, and it is therefore preferable to favour pieces and accessories of the same colour.

At other times, one seeks to create contrasts and emphasis in one's apparel, which can be reached by using pieces with colours that lack common value and intensity.

Experimenting and playing with colours can be a fun and exciting game on a daily basis for the bolder ones and on certain occasions for the less adventurous. Indeed, the more distinct the values and intensities, the more powerful the variety, emphasis, and contrast

To best enhance your look with leather accessories, it is essential to bear in mind your style, preferences, and desires. If one wants to sublimate patterns and textures, render them brilliant and turn them into an everyday ally, it is best to choose more classic leather colours.

But if the intention is to turn the leather accessory, for example your Apple Watch strap, into the centrepiece of your outfit, stronger and brighter colours are preferred.

Coordinating colours is not only a matter of hues and intensities, but also of size and correspondence. It is key to remember to balance the colour of your larger accessories, such as your shoes, with those of your other luxury accessories, such as your leather phone case or colourful Apple Watch band.Avoid patterned canvas in your outfits, as it may overpower the vibrance and strength of your exotic leather accessory by imposing too much texture. In the same way, smart and delicate patterns like squares on a blazer or a matching-coloured pantsuit, is surely the way to go to let your exotic leather shine.

One could argue that it is essential to always consider the occasion before choosing your accessories. But the advantage of Marnelo’s Apple Watch straps, alligator iPhone cases and python custom AirPods, is that they can be adapted to different situations. They can be all-purpose depending on the colours or material you choose. 

Fancy building an outfit for a day out with your Marnelo accessories? 

As exotic leather pieces such as our alligator Apple watch bands are considered in fashion such strong pieces, especially if you express yourself with a vibrant colour, you cannot have bland clothing.

Jeans and a white t-shirt would make you look like a store mannequin wearing such a statement alone. We propose to help you find a style that matches your exotic leather piece: With an exotic leather watchband and matching iPhone case, in say burgundy, classy but not classic, we would advise wearing subdued tones, but not a plain canvas.

A Donegal tweed jacket for men for example. The heavy grain of the tweed jacket makes it a rougher, country gentleman look, with the caveat that it will not wash the strength of the exotic leather, but rather accompany it. With it, a pair of derby or double boucle shoes, black or brown and well shined should do nicely. The importance of balancing your outfit cannot be understated. Too much texture, too much strength in the pieces, and one becomes tacky, whereas attaining the equilibrium between strong pieces and paler tones is where the right outfit lies. 

For women, a strong outfit would pair the Ostrich iPhone case with gold strap, with a thick white wool coat (maybe a Chanel), buttoned up and long, to create a sense of unity in the outfit. Add a colourful scarf around the neck, in a flowy material, perhaps silk, and a pair of pumps in a colour that is close to the dominant colour of the scarf, but not necessarily to that of the case.

There you have it, a strong outfit, exuding confidence and highlighted by the exotic leather accessory, all the while maintaining class and unity, balance in the different pieces.