Jan 24, 2022 domenico Surace

From classy to flashy, what do some of Marnelo’s colours say about you? 

Picking an outfit and accessories that match your aesthetic, your personality and what you project to the world. 

Today, luxury is not only the craftsmanship that goes into pieces, not only the rare and impressive materials, but the opportunity to show your own singularity.

Marnelo offers you the pathway to expressing yourself and what you project to the world, with a wide colour palette and textures.

 From the richness of a Burgundy Palace iPhone case to the unmatched energy of an Electric Blue Apple Watch band, find your own voice in Marnelo’s catalogue. 

From classy to flashy, what do some of Marnelo’s colours say about you? 

With 25 colours, four different exotic leathers and an infinity of textures offered by the natural origin of our materials, you can set the tone for your apparitions with subtle cues and accessories.

It has never been a secret that colour plays an important role in the styling of a complete outfit and should be at the forefront of one’s mind. Fashion icons such as Billie Eilish and Frank Ocean’s have been trailblazers in using neon tones, in blues, greens and oranges to express their uniqueness.

Their inspiration comes from pop culture references and having the gall to challenge the assumption that luxury should stick to subdued tones. This choice is a statement: you decide what your style will be and no one else. They match well with some other brands’ use of streetwear aesthetics in their collections, like Gucci and Louis Vuitton have.

A Tropical Blue or Summer Yellow iPhone case is a signal of modernity, of uniqueness, of singularity.

There will always be a case for tradition, especially in fashion, because the style you chose is not solely a visual choice of which colour you like best, or what association works the most with your skin tone.

It’s also a way of taking part in a line of significant symbols, shapes, textures, that have meaning. In that way, breaking from tradition is a statement, but returning to classic styling is one too. It speaks about elegance, about honour, about a time where civilization was a more mild-mannered, more polished place.

 In that sense, the shift you see from Victoria Beckham’s early style to her return to classic aesthetics, trench coats, pant suits, leather in Burgundy and brown tones are a good example. Choosing accessories that replicate the exquisite textures of a Swiss watch and the colour of a bespoke handbag is a statement as well. One of seriousness, reliability, and care for your appearance. 

It also leads to the apparition of a depressed eco-system, where the role held by the species is no longer fulfilled.

In another space, elephants, who are the most poached species in the world, have a role in breaking down paths through the brush, and bringing water up to the surface with their weight, both being used later by other species in the same ecosystem.

For alligators and crocodiles, who occupy the super predator niche in their respective biospheres, their role is often as a controlling force in prey populations: when they are not there, other species they usually feed on can proliferate, and in turn exterminate others because of their own necessity to feed. This leads to an important deterioration in biodiversity, and in the environment themselves, for example creating more wastes, more vegetal proliferation in marshlands etc.

Mixing or matching, what is the best way to pair your Marnelo accessories? 

Of course, the option given to you by Marnelo, with such a wide colour palette and choice in materials, is one of association.

 Want to direct attention to your watch: choose a Python Apple watch band, and a more subdued, black hued calfskin iPhone case.

Want to make a fashion statement about personality and show the outside world you are open and communicative: coordinate the colour of your Marnelo accessory with the rest of your high key wear. For example, a navy blue and orange scarf and a Sunny Yellow iPhone case, exemplifying both analogous and complementary colours. Have a favourite burgundy alligator handbag? Match the texture and colour with your other accessory in order to bring unity to the fit. 

In the same way that colours bring energy and a feel to your outfit, textures work in conjunction, superposing and rubbing off on one another.

A strong alligator cover is a detailed texture, it has the natural creases of the animal’s scale. They are at their most advantageous with more smooth surfaces, flowy dresses, or flaxseed shirts in the summer, and can allow you to bring a feel of adventure to a casual outfit.

On the other hand, if your other accessories, necklaces, rings, and bracelets already give out strong vibes because of their heavy materials, you can choose to be more on the low-key. With gold jewellery, or rougher clothing like jeans, suede, you can go for a calfskin or ostrich option in a toned-down colour. With multiple exotic leather accessories, you can go one of two ways: mixing the patterns to draw attention to the part of your outfit you want to represent you or matching to give the pieces a sense of unity.

Being a strong piece in your outfit, surrounding your exotic leather with similarly coloured clothing is perhaps not the best idea, but matching patterns and colours between two accessories can give a strength to the ensemble. They become part of a whole and better embody your personality and style. 

Options galore: which tech-savvy adventurer do you want to be? 

Marnelo’s offer of personalization is not limited to aesthetics however, as the different choices for iPhone cases for example exemplify the ease with which we can accompany your life.

 Functionality is one of the most important aspects of a product that goes with a technological advancement that has changed the world. We facilitate being on the go, hopping off a plane and onto a pontoon bridge without losing your prized possession with the choice for our highly reliable finger strap.

This is the lifestyle of the explorer, of the people that crave for the thrill of being amazed at every turn, and that will always find their trusty accessories by their side. Being on the go also means being able to recharge the batteries anywhere and allowing you to grab any opportunity that comes.

Opt for the MagSafe Power Bank and run out to the next party or voyage without fearing to be left stranded, and always in style.